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Dominique Bussereau, former French cabinet Minister and a member of parliament for Charente-Maritime, founded the Avenir-Transports association in 1995 in order to play a role in transportation policy discussions. ‘Avenir Transports’ is comprised of French and European members of parliament from all political affiliations, business executives, heads of trade and business organisations and experts from the transportation industry. The association has been successively chaired by the MPs Christian PHILIP and François-Michel GONNOT. The association aims to be a platform for exchanges and discussions.

Its goal is to facilitate elected officials’ understanding of all the stakes and challenges related to all transportation modes and infrastructures, without distinction or preference.

Avenir-Transports doesn’t represent any mode of transportation or any lobby. It is perfectly neutral with respect to the policy, economic or technical choices put forward and adopted by the public authorities. Indeed, the association’s role is not to express an opinion concerning these choices. The members of the association retain their freedom of expression and their stances do not commit the association in any way.

At the moment, Avenir-Transports is oversawn by two Members of Parliement Co-Chairs :

Alain Gest, MP for Somme and Gilles Savary, MP for Gironde.


Alain GEST

In May 2013, the Avenir-Transports association adopted new by-laws and a new Board of Directors in order to strengthen its parliamentary roots and to entrench its work in the long-term, irrespective of the changing political majorities.

The main change to the by-laws involves the adoption of a new form of governance with two Member of Parliament Co-Chairs and the election of a new Board of Directors, as follows:

Co-Chairs: Alain GEST, MP for Somme and Gilles SAVARY, MP for Gironde.

Vice-Chairs: Yves NICOLIN, MP for Loire and Bernard SOULAGE, Vice-Chairman of the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council and Chairman of the association Villes et Régions Européennes de la Grande Vitesse (High-Speed European Cities and Regions).

Treasurer: Pierre HERISSON, Honorary Senator.

Delegate General, Assistant Treasurer: Anne LIEURE, Director of External Relations – Kéolis.

Secretary General: Jean-Paul TRAN-THIET, Partner Attorney with White & Case.

Board members (elected): Philippe DURON MP for Calvados, Michel HERBILLON, MP for Val de Marne, Jean-Luc REITZER, MP for Haut-Rhin, Roland RIES, Mayor of Strasbourg, Marcel ROGEMONT, MP for Ille et Vilaine, and Bernard SOULAGE, Vice-Chairman of the Rhône-Alpes Regional

Council and (experts): Pierre-Olivier BANDET, chief of staff to the chairman and CEO of Air-France KLM ; Jean-Claude JOUFFROY, Board member of the Basel-Mulhouse Airport, Guy LE BRAS, Delegate General of the Groupement des Autorités Responsables de Transports (Group of Authorities Responsible for Transportation), Yorik PELHATE, Lawyer, Laurent MAZILLE, Director of Institutional Relations for Transdev Group and Stéphane VOLANT, Secretary General to the SNCF.

3 Directions

The association develops its activity into three directions :

MEETING AND DEBATE CENTER, Avenir Transports constitutes an independent, free place for exchanges between French and foreign personalities from political, professional or social fields.

PUBLISHING AND DOCUMENTATION CENTER The letter of Avenir Transports is regularly distributed for decision-makers in the domain of transports. The association also distributes the proceedings of its colloquiums and reports of study missions.

RESEARCH CENTER Avenir Transports has the mission to study the intermodal dimensions of public choices and to analyse the main questions on the future which ensue.

A strong characteristic of Avenir Transports is the European dimension because the necessarily multimodal choices which commit the future are done in and with the European Union. The association develops the international part of its activities as well, in the context of study missions abroad, the organization of partnerships with associations or structures of great countries in the world with similar activities.


Avenir-Transports is a privileged arena for exchanges and discussions between the stakeholders, experts and decision-makers in the transportation industry and elected officials. As part of our activities, beyond the monthly “Avenir Transports Tuesdays,” which are held at the French National Assembly around a guest of honour, we organise colloquiums, conferences and study visits.

The regular organization of colloquiums.

In 2014, a conference was held at the French National Assembly on Thursday 15 May on the theme “the economic model of transportation” with the main passenger transportation players (Alexandre de Juniac, Chairman and CEO of Air France KLM; François Baccheta, President of EasyJet France; Professor Yves Crozet; Guillaume Pépy, President of SNCF; Francis Nakache, CEO of CAF France, Michel Seyt, Chairman of FNTV and Jean-Marc Janaillac, CEO of Transdev.

In 2013, ‘Avenir-Transports’ and ‘Villes et Régions Européennes de la Grande Vitesse’ brought together more than 300 participants on the occasion of the colloquiums held on Thursday 11 April 2013 at the National Assembly on “The reform of the rail system in the new European context.” This meeting was held in the presence of Jean-Louis BIANCO, former Minister, in charge of the consultation mission on the reform of the rail system, Jean-Eric PAQUET, Director in charge of the European Commission’s European mobility network, Jacques AUXIETTE, President of the ARF Infrastructure and transport committee and Chairman of the Pays-de-la-Loire Regional Council, Dominique BUSSEREAU, former Minister, MP for Charente-Maritime and Chairman of the Departmental Council, Jacques GOUNON, President of Eurotunnel, Rüdiger GRUBE, Chairman of the Deutsche Bahn Management Board, Jean-Marc JANAILLAC, CEO of Transdev, Guillaume PEPY, President of SNCF, Jacques RAPOPORT, President of RFF and Mr. Daniel BURSAUX, General Director for Infrastructure, Transport and the Ocean for the Minister of State, Mr. Frédéric CUVILLIER in charge of Transportation, the Ocean and Fishing. The conference was an opportunity to discuss and brainstorm about the French and European challenges of our railway system in a dynamic, clear and asserted discussion. Identifying the points of discussion and convergence between the stakeholders was especially constructive.

Avenir Transports organizes colloquiums on important themes of actuality at the lower house of French Parliament.

- “Which ambitions for French operators in the world competition ?” (December 19th 2002)
- “French airports and decentralization : To which point ? How ? (November 21st 2002), colloquium organized by UCCEGA. THE FRENCH AIRPORTS supported by Avenir Transports.
- “Is the growth of air transports in Europe still manageable ? (May 31st 2001)
- “Are transport and lasting development compatible ? (May 4 th 2000)
- “The Europe of Transports : slogan or reality ?” (May 6 th 1999)
- “Security and safety in transports : which progress ?” (February 19 th 1998)
- “Fitting out the Territory and Transports. Is there a future for the public service ? (April 11 th 1996)
- “Which future for air transport in Europe ?” (June 16 th 1994)

Besides, Avenir Transports welcomes one-morning-long conferences prepared with transports operators and representative organizations that wish for it :

- “Electronic trade and transports” (June 14 th 2001)
- “Rail freight : do we really believe in it ? “ (January 24 th 2002)
- “Rail freight : how to stop the decline ?” (June 8 th 2000)
- “Road transport and worktime reduction : paradox or challenge ?”(October 7 th 1999)
- "Cities and airports : neighbourhood in good terms” (April 8 th 1999)

The “Avenir Transports Tuesdays”

The “Avenir-Transports Tuesday” conferences, which are held at the French National Assembly, bring together approximately 60 people (members of parliament, business executives and heads of trade and business organisations) around a guest of honour.

Recently, we have received Augustin de Romanet, CEO of Aéroports de Paris, Jean-Marc Janaillac, CEO of Transdev, Philippe Duron, MP and Chairman of the ‘Mobility 21 Commission on the transportation infrastructures programme; Nicolas Rousselet, CEO of Groupe G7; and Hervé Montjotin, Chairman of the Management Board of Norbert Dentressangle Group. Coming soon are Pierre Mongin, CEO of RATP Group; Frédéric Mazzella, President-Founder of BlaBlacar, and the managers of POMA Group’s cable transportation company.

Days of study and work visits

The Days of study and the work visits gather elected representatives, professionals and socio-economic actors of the sector of transports.

The following visits were organised as part of the 2014 study visits: a visit of the Gennevilliers Port on the theme of riverways and port operations (May), a study trip to Switzerland (June) on the theme of rail and urban public transportation, a study trip to Madrid on the theme of urban and suburban mobility (September) and a visit to the construction jobsite for the South European Atlantic high-speed rail link (15 October).

- in Australia, on land and air transports (December 2001)
- in the United States, on air transport, visit of the hub airport of FedEx in Memphis, first platform of connections in the world. (March 2000)
- in Japan, on railways and intermodal transports (July 1999)
- in Italy, on urban and intermodal transports of the cities of Padoue and Venice (June 1999)
- in Holland, on intermodal public transports of the city of Amsterdam
- in England, (London) on the theme of the delegated management of English railways by the French operator CGEA (October 1998)
- in Germany, on the Deutsche Bahn in Frankfurt and Stuggart (June 1998)
- in England, on public transports of travellers, the airport platform and the system of interconnected tramways of Manchester (December 1997)

Work visits

- Stakes of river transport and waterways visit of the basin of the Seine river under the patronage of VNF (April 29 th 2003)
- Stakes of express freight
– visit of the Hub airport of United Parcel Service in Cologne (February 4th and 5 th 2003)
- Stakes of the integration of a world platform of connections : the Hub airport of FedEx in Roissy (June 26 th 2003)
- Intermodal center of La Défense “Operation Coeur Défense” with RATP
- Processing center of the security guard compagny Brink’s (December 2000)
- Port of Genevilliers, first river port in France (May 2000)
- Airport of Nice – Côte d’Azur, first French airport after Paris (December 1999)
- Control Center of East Air Traffic in Reims (March 1999)
- Installations of FedEx in roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle “The development of the careers in electronic mail and express transport” (October 1998)
- The Security Parcel delivery PC 2000 of RATP (Paris Underground) and presentation of the automatic ticket office system (November 1997) The Works Groups
- “System of navigation by radar and road security” (May 2001)
- “The year 2000 bug in transports” (December 1999)
- “Plan for TGV East (September 1997)
- “Professions, Trainings and Careers in transports (February 1997)
- “Air Transport : which airport policy in France ?” (January 1997)
- Regionalization of railway transports” (January 1997)


2014 2 December , « Avenir Transports Tuesdays », Christian Bouvier, Chairman of the Management board of POMA Group’s cable transportation company and François Cuillandre, Mayor of Brest

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